Mugai Ryu
Iai Hyodo

In order to understand the true purpose of Mugai Ryu, one must train for 30 years, then 30 years more, then 30 years more.

Mugai Ryu Demonstration at ACEN

We will be performing a demonstration and interactive workshop (Introduction to Japanese Swordsmanship) at the Anime Central convention this Friday (2018/05/18) at 11:00 AM in the Rosemont Ballroom. Please stop by if you will be attending to say hello and deepen your knowledge of traditional Japanese swordsmanship!

Our Mission

To cultivate our minds and bodies in order to improve the world we live in.

Our Values

Integrity, honesty, loyalty, discipline, and perseverance.

We push ourselves to be the best we can be, and by doing so, inspire others to do the same.

Our Path

We have set ourselves on a path to bring the practice of this powerful, old and beautiful style of swordsmanship into the 21st century. We invite you to walk this path with us to learn what it is to be a swordsman.